We still need your help.

Everybody is looking for Patricia.

They ring the bell at eight.

Google "a native English is" in order to leave out the matches for "a native English speaker".

Have you watched it?

Just when you thought there couldn't be anything crazier than Wikipedia, along came Tatoeba.

This is too difficult for me.

I don't want to come to Boston.

Don't be silly, you can't drive without a wheel!

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I nodded, but did not move.

Bill took his little brother to the zoo.

Just put it on my tab.

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I swam.

They eat healthy foods.

Don't speak for me.

You might want to sit down. This is going to take a while.

She pressed the child to her breast.

The information seems to have leaked out.

You can understand Swedish.

Can you explain what you're talking about?

We don't trust Danny.


Uri held the door open.

Artistic genius is an expansion of monkey imitativeness.

I think Jeany doesn't know how to swim.


For years Marina had been inspecting houses.

I think my friend knows your friend.

I was only there for three days.


I awoke to find myself famous.

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Does this dress look good on me?

I told him exactly what I saw.

When did TV appear?


When you know, let me know.

He died at a very old age.

So much could change.

I won't go so easy on you next time.

I couldn't think of anything worse.


There were three coffee mugs on the table.

Why would I want my money back?

Do they exist?

Do I have your promise?

You're in perky form, aren't you?


I must hurry to class.

I find Italian food very desirable.

I can't believe that's what's really bothering No.


Have you ever kneaded dough?

You don't really know me, Harv.

We learned about the importance of eating a healthy lunch.

"How are you doing?" "I can't complain."

I get very uncomfortable when I catch him staring at me.


Don't worry. Your joke did not really discomfit me.

Did you happen to see him?

Pedro didn't live to see his children graduate from high school.

Ever since I learned about the existence of the university, I wanted to attend it.

Take as much as you want to.


I'm not arguing with that.

How often do you wash your clothes?

Sonja just wants Dennis to help him with his English homework.


Why did you buy so much?

Andersen was afraid of dogs, too.

Cristi almost passed out from the heat.

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Sometimes a bright word comes suddenly, without any search, by itself.

I'll be in my lab.

Persistence will pay off.

Everyone is unique.

Something bit him.

Romain knew that he'd be very hungry by the end of the day.

Yesterday, my wheelbarrow was stolen.


I met him on the stairs as I was coming up.

We should make sopa paraguaya.

Few people die away at the approach of winter.


A book which, above all others in the world, should be forbidden, is a catalogue of forbidden books.

I recalled a newspaper story about those twins.

He was calm in the face of great danger.


Titing sells vegetables at the market.

I wish you wouldn't go.

I really like you.

Dan was approached by Linda.

Didn't you and Trying used to hang out together?

This is the first time the government has done a nationwide investigation regarding suicides.

Mr Balboa is so well known as to need no introduction.

The housekeeper interrupted the conversation.

Have you ever watched the '90s TV show Xena Warrior Princess?


He knows how to curse in Chinese.

I couldn't get in touch with him.

I already did that.

I have a lot of friends with whom to consult.

He hurt himself during yesterday's game.

Why don't you both come over for dinner?

Where are we going to meet?


Everyone in the church joined hands.

I was in my early teens when I first met Morris.

I had a study date with Julianto.

Let me explain.

I like small towns.

I'll have it here for you tomorrow.

You need to be proactive.

Seems like I'm the third wheel here. I should go.

Jarvis put on a pair of boxing gloves.

She took out a loan in order to buy a car.

I'm tired of you guys.


It's getting hot.

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These flowers are a source of nectar for butterflies and honey bees.


I'm going to tell you something.

You make me dream.

Water poured from the broken pipe.

All citizens should respect the law.

In Russia, it is customary to remove your shoes when entering a home. Guests will be typically offered slippers.

My mother hates to write letters.

You're unreliable.


Oh God, oh God, what do I do?


He looked at her angrily.

Walter was taken aback by John's cruel insult.

It's time to have fun.

You two are ridiculously silly.

I'd no idea you were still alive.

How do you like your new job?

The rose is a flower and the dove is a bird.

Phiroze often lies to Ramanan.

She was frequently late for school.

I cannot help laughing at the joke.

Nobody had the courage to say it to Amir.


As for me, there is nothing more I want to say.

It's as clear as day.

Leave your hat and overcoat in the hall.

His explanation is unconvincing.

He's too young to understand.


I was very fortunate.

I wouldn't miss it for the world.

She uses her talent as an artist to describe places.


I like chinese food.


It is not certain if Mr Funada will join the new party.

They asked Maurice to play the guitar.

Bernie lodged his complaint with the manager.

I think this is pretty cool.

Terri looked at the snow falling inside the snow globe.

We all enjoyed it.

I came to Boston last month.

How much does a cinema ticket cost?

I minimized the document and then maximized it again.

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We can!

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Laura loosened his grip.

He ran into the classroom.

This is the HD version.

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Kusum isn't very polite, is he?

I've decided to ask Curt if she'll marry me.

Why are you under the desk?

Lievaart behaved very badly.

The kidnappers blindfolded her.

Father never hits me on the head.

There are too many of us to fit into one taxi.

It doesn't get any easier than this.

I'll bring him.

They make decisions on new policy.

Dave had no alibi for that night.


We'll find another way.

Kissing Len was a mistake.

Won't somebody please think of the children?!

A good Jack makes a good Jill.

Jaime looks cute no matter what she wears.

It happened more than three days ago.

What can you tell me about the kidnappers?

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Whose phone number is this?

I've got a university degree.

You have an e-mail message in your inbox.

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The price of rice is going up again.